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Transformative Conversations was started to address the challenges faced by Higher Education due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Hosted by Dr. Monica Flippin Wynn, over 7,000 faculty, staff, and administrators from over 700 institutions, non-profits, and higher education organizations joined us for the transformative conversations series about higher educations responses to COVID-19, to the social unrest, and changing higher education environment.

This series explores how Higher Education is both impacted by and responding to these challenges. The series focuses on college teaching, learning, student success, and all aspects of higher education. We include frank conversations about equity, social justice, and the current climate in higher education. Through this forum, we will engage with colleagues across the country to dissect issues in higher education in real-time.

Upcoming Conversations:

April 17, 2024– Financial Aid (90 minute session)
April Tretter,  Director of Financial Aid, Bellarmine University
Rachel Fishman, Acting Director, Education Policy program,  New America
Kimberly Jordan, Executive Director of Financial Aid Services, Georgia Gwinnett College
Estephany Flores, Financial Aid Advocate, Georgia Gwinnett College
Elizabeth S. Umberger, Enrollment Management AssociateFinancial Aid Advocate, Georgia Gwinnett College
May 1, 2024– Student Panel- Navigating Higher Education
Guests to be confirmed

Previous Conversations

All opinions and views expressed as part of the forum belong solely to the individual participants and do not represent those of the people, institutions, or organizations that the individual may, or may not be associated with in a professional, educational, or other personal capacities unless explicitly stated. They are not a reflection of the opinions of the institutions at which they work or attend.

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