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Transformative Strategies That Increase Graduations
And Institutional Success

Whether you’re looking to receive urgent advice, develop professionally, or fully transform the student experience at your institution, the Gardner Institute provides customized support for individual colleges, universities, and educators and the unique student bodies and communities they serve.


Embark on a comprehensive redesign of where it matters most – the first two years of the student journey.

Transforming the Foundational Postsecondary Experience™

Undergo a rigorous transformation of the most crucial touchpoints during a student’s first and second year of college.

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Enhance pivotal aspects of the first year to create a seamless student experience and increase the speed and rate of graduation.

First-Year Redesign

Begin a comprehensive, transformation of the most pivotal determinant of student success – the first-year of college.

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Gateway Course Redesign

Implement an evidence-based plan to improve teaching, learning, and success in historically high-failure rate courses.

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Retention Redesign

Retention Performance Management uses a task force-based assessment model to drive your structured planning and implementation processes forward. By involving faculty, staff, and students in the decision-making process, everyone can have a voice in retention redesign.

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Transfer Redesign

Build a foundation of proven practices improving transfer-student success and retention.

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Expand your network and institutional capacity through targeted academies, peer learning, and our expertise.

Chief Academic Officers Innovation Community

Find peer support, tools, and professional development that inspires leadership and innovation.

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Curricular Analytics Community

The Curricular Analytics Community is designed to involve faculty and staff in a process that leverages improvement science and curricular analytics tools to identify opportunities for equitable curriculum redesign at their institutions. High curricular complexity has been correlated with low retention rates, extended time to graduation, and increased credit accumulation for students. 

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Academy on the First College Year

Conduct an institutional audit and develop a plan aimed at improving the experience of students in the first college year.

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Teaching and Learning Academy

Learn with a community focused on redesigning and improving student academic experiences.

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Equity in Retention Academy

Undertake a 5-week analysis into data and equity-driven retention planning processes proven to improve retention.

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Emergency Aid for Basic Needs

Emergency Aid for Basic Needs is an opportunity aimed to investigate trends associated with offering emergency aid to students.

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Building and Sustaining a Data-Informed Organization

A year-long community of practice where the Gardner Institute will guide institutions through the steps to developing data-informed institutional culture.

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Find contextualized support – from speaking engagements to site visits – from our passionate strategists.

Speaking Engagements

Invite our experts to deliver keynote speeches exploring the drivers of student success.

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Workshops, Retreats, & Site Visits

Use guided, intensive introspection to discover paths to improved retention, transfer, and completion.

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The Gardner Institute is the host of the annual Symposium on Transforming the Postsecondary Experience and other conferences. We provide events both in-person and virtual throughout the year.

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Webinars, Podcasts & Resources

Podcasts, Transformative Conversations and Lessons Learned, all featuring Gardner Institute's staff talking to higher education experts on teaching, learning, retention, and course redesign.

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The Return Is Transformational:

colleges and universities and over 4 million students served.
lower DFWI rate in one academic year following Gateway Course Redesign participation
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made by participants in retention revenue for every $1 used to work with us
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Start Your Transformation Journey, So Your Students Can Successfully Complete Theirs.