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What is the Global Forum for Student Success? A Global Perspective

The Global Forum for Student Success

  • is an online-first initiative that enables and curates international collaboration, research, and networks for and on student success.
  • serves to provide to the fullest extent possible pro-bono access to resources in order to eliminate barriers to participation.

What this group is about

The Global Forum on Student Success is a community of global academic leaders from various disciplines and institutional types to advance student success as a universal human right and global common good for all irrespective of racial or social class. The forum advocates for and collaborates towards an inclusive, equitable quality education and the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities.

The Global Forum for Student Success was created out of the need for unified a unified vision for global student success. As there is no standard global definition, we work towards sharing culturally relevant and equitable strategies; building global understanding and agency; and proposing possible solutions to global challenges to student success.

The forum is composed of a leadership team who are experts and advocates from 10 countries around the globe. This is an online-first community bringing together multiple voices that work on a voluntary basis and does not seek to advance any one institution or country. Resources are global and nonproprietary to be open source and accessible to people all over the world to share, inspire, innovate, and collaborate.

Database of Curated Resources

The database is a structured repository created and updated by members of the Global Forum for Student Success’s editorial team.  This database is intended to provide a selection of academic resources focused on student success in higher education and have been chosen for the quality and diversity that they contain. 

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