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The Global Forum for Student Success Database of Resources

Database of Resources

The Global Forum for Student Success database focuses on postsecondary, tertiary, and higher education. The database does not include resources on primary or secondary education.

The Global Forum for Student Success is an online-first initiative that enables and curates international collaboration, research, and networks for and on student success.

In pursuing this work, the Global Forum for Student Success is distinct because nearly all prior initiatives on student success have focused on particular institutional or national contexts. In our experience, some notable exceptions aside, when scholars meet at conferences where student success is discussed, this work rarely looks across international (or even institutional) boundaries to consider what we can learn from the diversity and depth of student success scholarship and practices beyond our national borders. The Global Forum for Student Success seeks to fill that gap by bringing scholars, practitioners, leaders, and students from around the world together to debate, discuss, imagine, and support the creation of more socially just higher education systems in diverse cultural and institutional contexts, and to develop local and global resources to advance these aims. The Global Forum for Student Success sees itself as a space where the collective expertise of scholars across a wide range of systems can develop and grow.

Who is the database aimed at? 

Senior managers, government, policymakers, researchers, students, practitioners -from across the globe.

Types of Resources:

Types of Resources: the resources here are about post-secondary/ tertiary/ vocational and higher education (not schooling)

    • Framework and/or theory – to organise and support action that moves from theory to practice and practical impact (for example: University Design for Learning (UDL); 
    • Strategic planning and Policy documents;
    • Conference and Workshop materials from workshops and talks (for example, PowerPoints, handouts, and webinar links);
    • Practice-oriented collections, toolkits, etc.
    • Conference announcements 
    • Books
    • Scholarly articles and chapters
    • Multi-media – videos, podcasts, 
    • Discipline specific resources
The Global Forum for Student Success is developing a database that represent multiple voices and  can provide a critical, global dialogue and collective wisdom in addressing change. These resources are intended  to frame and  foster dynamic exchange on how “student success” is understood both across higher education globally and propose global definitions and/or standards. This database reflects the current membership of the Global Forum. We seek to expand this resource to be more inclusive of student success with a greater global perspective.  We will be seeking to expand the database in October of 2024.  If you wish to be informed when the submissions are open please complete this form.

A Clearinghouse of Curated Resources from around the globe focused on Student Success

The database is a structured repository created and updated by members of the Global Forum for Student Success’s editorial team.  This database is intended to provide a selection of academic resources focused on student success in higher education and have been chosen for the quality and diversity that they contain. 

This database can be filtered and sorted by topic, type, and geographic location.

Coming Soon: Video that demonstrates how to use the database 

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