Enhancing Online Engagement in Higher Education co-written by Stephanie M. Foote

Enhancing Online Engagement in Higher Education

 November 30, 2023

Stephanie M. Foote, co-authored chapters of Enhancing Online Engagement in Higher Education, which is scheduled to be released next week.

This publication is a collaboration with a group of faculty researchers in Australia.

This HERDSA Guide is for those interested in supporting and enhancing online student engagement in Higher Education.

The Guide is targeted to support:

  • Teaching academics or instructors, looking for a lens through which to design engaging online teaching and learning
  • Instructional or educational designers, who are assisting instructors in planning for active student online engagement
  • Teaching teams seeking a tool by which to audit their virtual classrooms and/ or for critical reflection
  • Program teams auditing online engagement from a programmatic perspective, and
  • Faculty, or central teaching and learning units.

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