Office Hours with John Gardner featuring Robert Blanc. Available May 28

Episode 115- Supplemental Instruction with Robert Blanc

Office Hours with John Gardner

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Robert Blanc shares the development of Supplemental Instruction. Learn how he and Deanna C. Martin navigated challenges with administration to create international change for students. 

Dr. Robert Blanc has taught in medical schools, universities, colleges, high schools, and a primary school during his 70+ years in education. Bob is a long-time collaborator with Deanna C. Martin. He helped Deanna develop the “supplementary instruction” (SI) program and practices around the world. SI programs are commonly named “Peer Assisted Study Session” (PASS) programs in schools in Europe, Africa, and Oceana. Bob’s successful work at Port ElizabethUniversity (now Mandela University) helped open South Africa to SI. Bob also made a big contribution to SI/PASS through its application to medical education in US and Caribbean medical schools.

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