Office Hours with John Gardner featuring Tony Scinta

Episode 82- Building from the Ground Up

Office Hours with John Gardner

Tony Scinta discusses building a college from the ground up where they are designing a college for students, and a commitment to great teaching is a priority. Although this may be a rewarding experience, building an institution may not be for everyone

As the Executive Vice Provost at Nevada State College, Dr. Tony Scinta guides efforts to improve the overall student experience at NSC, with the ultimate goal of helping more students earn degrees on the path to a better quality of life. To this end, much of his time is invested in student success initiatives, the effective integration of academic and student affairs, and the application of evidence-based decisions to promote improved student and institutional outcomes. In his time at NSC, which dates back to a time when the entire institution was housed in a single building, Dr. Scinta has contributed to campus-wide strategic plans, served as the college’s accreditation liaison officer, helped promote robust increases in enrollment numbers and graduation rates, and has generally worked to advance the fortunes of the college’s largely diverse and first-generation student population.

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