New book by John Gardner “Launching the First-Year Experience Movement: The Founder’s Journey”

book cover of Launching the first-year experience movement- the founder's journey

(Update: March 10, 2023)

 “Launching the First-Year Experience Movement: The Founder’s Journey” is now available.

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We are excited to announce a new book by John Gardner. “Launching the First-Year Experience Movement: The Founder’s Journey”. What does it mean to be a leader for student success? Gardner shares his personal experiences which lead to his 55 years of innovation in higher education. His story aims to enlighten readers on the events and individuals that launched a national and international movement to improve the first years of the college experience to completion.

“As an archetypal student success higher-educator myself, I did not enter this profession intentionally….But my life experiences did prepare me to be very successful at this work. So, what are those experiences, and types of knowledge, insight, skills that equip one to do this kind of work? This book is about encouraging the next generation of successors to use their experiences to become equity warriors within the system.” – John N. Gardner

This book will be released in May 2023 and available for pre-order.

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