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Episode 59- Innovating for Native Students

Office Hours with John Gardner

Diane Reyna innovates areas of higher education not designed for native population. Her work adapting approaches for first year college experience for Native students helped start the Tribal college Student Success Conference. She shares her artistic inspiration and how it influences her work with native families navigating the higher education system.

Guest Bio

Diane Reyna was raised at her father’s village of Taos Pueblo in Northern New Mexico; her mother was from the Pueblo of Okay Owingeh. She is an experienced facilitator, college instructor, and trainer. She retired from the Institute of American Indian Arts in 2015, where she provided comprehensive support and services to first year students. Prior to working at the Institute, she spent 20 years as a videographer, producer, and director in the field of video news and documentary production. She directed the PBS documentary, “Surviving Columbus”, which was awarded the George Foster Peabody in 1993. She has spent most of her adult life in engaged in the arts and in education.

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