Office Hours with John Gardner

In this episode, John Gardner talks to the chief executive officer of Macmillan Learning. Her journey illustrates how a corporation can ask big questions, like “What are you doing to change the world?”. Converging an innovative company with campus personnel, and external innovators all striving to increase student success is how Susan Winslow is changing the world.

Guest Bio

Susan Winslow is President of Macmillan Learning. She has more than 30 years of educational publishing and technology experience. In her career at Macmillan Learning, Ms. Winslow was most recently General Manager, where she championed learning science and the transition to digital learning. Under her leadership, Macmillan Learning gained market share for four consecutive years and developed, tested, and launched its new digital learning platform Achieve. The Bedford Freeman Worth High School team also saw five years of exceptional growth, nearly doubling in size.

As a senior leader in the organization, Ms. Winslow also led the teams through the reorganization and unification of multiple edtech and publishing companies, including Sapling, iClicker, WriterKey, Bedford, Freeman, Worth to one higher education division and championed diversity and inclusion. Her other roles at the company include Managing Director, Vice President of Marketing, and Publisher in the STEM disciplines.

Ms. Winslow has been a significant champion of STEM education as evidenced by her sponsorship of Macmillan Learning’s annual STEM Executive Summit, offered in partnership with Scientific American, which unites leaders across business, policy, and education with a goal of addressing the challenges and opportunities in STEM education.

Her career in publishing has included working with some of the brightest minds in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities as well as calling on classrooms in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.