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Alicia Morey joins the Gardner Institute as Executive Projects Manager

Alicia Morey, who boasts more than two decades of postsecondary experience, joined the Gardner Institute in April 2023 in the newly created position of Executive Projects Manager.

Brevard, NC, August 25, 2023

The John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education (Gardner Institute) is pleased to announce that Alicia Morey has joined the Institute as its Executive Projects Manager. In this role, Morey will work with the Gardner Institute’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Drew Koch, and Executive Chair and Co-Founder, John Gardner, to advance their efforts and the mission of the organization as a whole.

Most recently, Morey worked as the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Services and Undergraduate Affairs at the Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering, a shared program located in Tallahassee, Florida. Morey earned her Master of Science in Education in College Student Personnel from Purdue University and a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from the University of Evansville.

Gardner Institute CEO Drew Koch remarked, “Alicia Morey’s rich background in higher education will be of great value to us as our activities have intensified, our staff expanded, and our philanthropic and institutional partners have become more varied. We’re delighted to welcome Alicia and value the contributions she has already made to our team.”

In response to the new role, Morey commented, “I am excited to embark on this exciting journey with the Gardner Institute, where I anticipate merging my years of experience in higher education with the institute’s visionary mission. I am already enjoying my new role and look forward to my continued work with the team to nurture a future empowered by educational success for every student.”

Morey began her role at the Gardner Institute in April 2023.

The John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with colleges, universities, philanthropic organizations, educators, and other entities to increase institutional responsibility for improving outcomes associated with teaching, learning, retention, and completion. It is dedicated to advancing higher education’s larger goal of achieving equity and social justice.

For more information on the Gardner Institute and its work, please visit www.gardnerinstitute.org.

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