Transfer Redesign

Are you making the most of your transfer student’s experience?

By taking a broader view of the transfer experience, the Transfer Redesign process (Foundations of Excellence- Transfer) allows institutions to engage in a guided evidence-based planning process that enables them to identify inequities and gaps in services which can lead to the development of a more effective experience for transfer students and more efficient institutional resource allocation.
This process creates a more cohesive student experience, with a common set of resources, better student supports and improved learning. Ultimately, leading to the enhancement of transfer students’ experience, creating better-equipped and knowledgeable future professionals.
Engage in Transfer Redesign now and see the difference in retention and graduation rates of your transfer students.

Who Should Participate 

Two-Year Institutions:

Two-year institutions focus on an evaluation of current approaches and initiatives designed to serve transfer-bound students. For many two-year institutions encouraging and supporting student transfer are essential components of their mission. Participant schools take a close look at their approach to assisting transfer-bound students and make plans for improvement.

Four-Year Institutions:

Four-year institutions focus on the transfer-receiving function and outcomes. The process helps institutions evaluate the ways they facilitate the experience of their transfer students. This evaluation focuses on all aspects of the transfer students’ experiences, not just the initial recruitment and enrollment process.

How You’ll Benefit

  • Create a transfer-specific student success plan. The transfer redesign process will equip faculty and staff with an in-depth understanding of the existing transfer landscape. This knowledge can be used to improve transfer student experience and retention and graduation rates.
  • Increase Efficiency: Institutions that undergo transfer redesign can identify opportunities for creating more streamlined and efficient pathways for students to successfully transition from one institution to another.
  • Enhancing Resources for Transfer Students: The self-study results from the transfer redesign task force will also bring awareness to the existing needs of transfer students. This can lead to greater investments of resources to support them in their transition and throughout their college experience.

Now Accepting Applications.

Taking Control of Your Transfer Process

Transfer is a key pathway toward economic and educational parity –  for all students.  Redesigning the transfer experience is complex due to the various pathways, policies, and programs available to students. Working with the Gardner Institute can help your institution quickly focus on what matters most.

Key Features

Through a comprehensive evidence-driven plan, build upon current strengths and address existing deficiencies in order to improve the transfer student experience. The Inventories give a comprehensive overview of transfer student cohorts’ demographic and academic characteristics and institutions, arming the task force with pertinent data and insights that will facilitate their redesign process.

Foundations of Excellence Transfer is built upon nine aspirational principles with performance indicators that help the institution evaluate its current delivery of the transfer experience and determine its strengths and areas of growth.

Foundational Dimensions- Transfer Focus- Two Year

Foundational Dimensions- Transfer Focus- Four Year

Transfer Inventory, Faculty/Staff, and Student Surveys are tools that will give you data to better understand the experiences of transfer students and how they’re affected by institutional policies, programs, and practices.

Our team is dedicated to supporting institutions in developing and implementing plans that work in their unique context. We provide guidance on establishing a task force, offer feedback throughout the self-study process, and support implementation to promote sustained student success. Our focus is on developing high-quality student support and academic programs to help guarantee that students are well-prepared to progress toward graduation and beyond.  

An experienced and dedicated Gardner Institute advisor assigned to your institution from the onset will guide and monitor the entire process of the Transfer Experience Redesign project. 


Analyze and Plan

A one-year guided evidence-based planning process institutions identify inequities and gaps in services which can lead to the development of a more effective experience for transfer students and more efficient institutional resource allocation.


An optional second year advisory service for institutions that want additional structure and expert support from the Gardner Institute as they implement the action plan derived from the Transfer Redesign self-study process.


Now, accepting applications on a rolling basis. 

Fees are based on an institution’s undergraduate enrollment and are available by emailing for more information.

Improve the transfer experience and see your retention rates and revenue improve.

Break down institutional silos while creating an inspirational vision for the transfer student experience. Utilizing your institution’s greatest resource, your faculty, staff, and students!


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