Curricular Analytics Community

The Curricular Analytics Community

The Curricular Analytics Community is designed to involve faculty and staff in a process that leverages improvement science and curricular analytics tools to identify opportunities for equitable curriculum redesign at their institutions. High curricular complexity has been correlated with low retention rates, extended time to graduation, and increased credit accumulation for students. 

The community allows institutions to quickly visualize curricula in new ways and then dynamically adjust these visualizations to test how changes impact curricular systems.  The process helps participants locate problems of practice and design new ways of supporting student success.  Drawing on the characteristics of a Networked Improvement Community, the Curricular Analytics Community has a well-defined aim—curricular redesign that will increase equitable persistence and graduation rates—and is guided by a theory of improvement, allowing members to work in an accelerated way to Plan, Do, Study, and Act.

Who Should Participate

Institutional teams of at least five people:

  • Academics Affairs
  • Admissions
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Staff
  • Institutional Research Staff
  • Faculty Leaders
  • Retention Specialist
  • Re-Accreditation Teams
  • Student Affairs
  • Student Success
  • Students

Your Institution has the option to create a team or utilize an existing team or committee. The individuals will vary by institution, a successful team is one most likely to design and create an equity-focused retention process at your institution.

How You’ll Benefit:

  • A uniform way to analyze all of your programs of study
  • A community of peers with whom you can share and learn
  • Regular cohort meetings for group learning combined with on-time assistance from Gardner Institute staff

Reductions in complexity correlate with: 

  • Increase in retention
  • Increase in graduation rates
  • Lessen unnecessary credit accumulation

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Unlock Insights to your Curricular Complexity

Key Features


Fees are based on undergraduate enrollment as determined by College Navigator. Fees are assessed per institution, not per individual.

Undergraduate Enrollment:
Up to 5,000 undergraduates $8,225

5,001-10,000 undergraduates $9,900

10,001-15,000 undergraduates $11,800

15,001+ undergraduates $14,200

Learn tools that will help you see and share data on student experiences

Data visualizations help your team take a deeper look at various systems that affect students. Graphic representations help your team build support and  communicate across your institution.


colleges and universities and over 4 million students served.
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lower DFWI rate in one academic year following Gateway Course Redesign participation
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made by participants in retention revenue for every $1 used to work with us


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